“You feel through your body, you take in the world through your skin.”

I study affects, ambience, and writing and rhetoric in everyday life.

I'm an Assistant Professor of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies at the University of Kentucky.

Academic Research

I'm a rhetorical theorist and qualitative researcher studying and practicing creative and novel research methodologies and methods.

Tracing the writing that people do—in all its forms, while using visual research methods—helps me trace how they get things done, how they make meaning from the work they do, and how they share that meaning with others.

My work thus explores human interactions with and through things and everyday environments, and the ways in which our relationships and entanglements in those environments shapes who we were, are, and will be.

Current Projects

In 2017, I'm working on two different book projects—a monograph, and an edited collection. The monograph, Writing, Rhetoric, and Visual Research, explores visual research methods in qualitative studies of writing and rhetorics, focusing on means for studying and conceptualizing the ways in which everyday rhetorics shape and help constitute who we are and what we know.

I also continue to analyze data from ethnographies and qualitative case studies conducted in the last three years, exploring immersive learning, computer science education, and material rhetorics in religious practice.


I offer consulting services in three broad areas: training, organizational communication, and curricula (with an emphasis on humane implementations of instructional technologies).

With 9 years of experience in the financial services industry—including 7 years in compliance and oversight—I understand how business communication works.

I can also help you design curricula that balances practical uses of instructional technologies, theory, and practice while privileging student inquiry at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Recent Publications

If you'd like to read something that I've written, but can't find it on the web or in your library, just drop me an email. I'd be happy to send it over.

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